What else can I say to you?

9 09 2012

Well; I feel like it’s been centuries; Even though it’s only been a blink of an eye. Remember those moments? When you feel like they were years ago, but really it was just last week.

I’m stepping on a brighter road; Things are smoother but I still don’t have that Disney love story to tell; but I can say, we’re both better off, in some torn off way.

Bad news though

“BRO. Seriously!? Your last few posts have been negative as FUCK. Get over yourself -__- This isn’t group theory from fight club.”

Haha; You might enjoy this, maybe even get a little chuckle.

“You’ve got thirty seconds”

Remember back in high school, how I needed to concentrate and write that paper so I could graduate? And I couldn’t so I just blogged instead about it? That’s my bad news; I can’t write this paper for my college English class. So I’m blogging. (: