And the fairy tale ended like this;

17 05 2012

I closed work last night, and it kind of sucked.

My recent ex’s parents came in, with his sisters to eat; and of course, they played the “I’m going to smile and talk to you, as if nothing happened, because we know our son screwed up” card. I can’t even begin to explain how I felt. Not to mention his mother is the spitting image of him..

I headed back to the kitchen to collect my thoughts, and my manager pulled me aside. He explained how people were giving the new girl a hard time because she was a former employee’s ex girlfriend. I guess word got around that she was terrible in the relationship so people were going to take the guys side and be shitty towards her; He wanted me to set a good vibe and help stop it.

On my way back out to the front of the restaurant.. I couldn’t help but think, “One sided story”

It always happens, a couple breaks up and they both try and ruin each others image. It’s fucking ridiculous. And it drives me up a wall; anyways..It soon hit me,

“What’s my story?”

I wanted to go up to his parents and ask what he had told them; What my story was from his mouth. Then I started thinking about the story I had said, what story I had told. Maybe I had been wrong all along, maybe they didn’t think their son screwed up, what if they only smiled because they were trying to hide their hate because they think I did something?

I was dying to know if he had bad mouthed me, if he had told a terrible story about me. We all want to know our stories..mostly because we want to be reassured that they love us, and won’t down talk us. Because its terrorizing hearing someone tell you about how your recent lover of 3 years called you a crazy bitch.

I ended up working the rest of the night without a word to his parents. After my shift I sat in my car for a good half hour before I drove off; I kept replaying the words I said in my head to people when we broke up.

“No, he’s not a douchebag, he’s going through a terrible time;”, “No, don’t yell at him”, “He’s a sweetheart, i know it..”

I don’t know why that servers relationship with her ended, but I know they dated for 2 years; Why would you try and make her life hell at work?

I guess it depends heavily on the breakup; If it ended badly i could see the words coming in anger.. but still; It’s astonishing the length some people will go to accomplish things..

“Seriously, you’re too fucking sensitive. Please. GO watch horror movies, and hangout with some douchebags. Then come back and reread this. You’ll hate yourself”

lol; Bro. Log on to Diablo 3; I’ll murder you.

What’s your insight?




One response

17 05 2012

You’re not in the right state of mind after a breakup to think clearly and rationally. Your emotions are what’s driving your thoughts about EVERYTHING! You just need time to calm down. Allow all the scenarios to rattle around in your head – that’s part of the healing process. Keep in the back of your mind the whole time that whatever did or did not happen you have the choice as to HOW you react. Refrain from being vengeful, try not to hate, let go of resentment as and when you can. At some point in the future, maybe a month, maybe a year, you’ll be able to look back on this time and see it for the experience it is. Not every experience we have feels good, but we can learn from every experience, so be on the lookout for what this is teaching you (in a positive way!). Take care. :)

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