I tried to do it all for you, it didn’t do anything for me.

10 05 2012

Two days! Two days away from this research paper being due. It’s due Friday. 250 points. And what am I doing? Spending my time chatting with friends and sleeping, or eating. I can’t concentrate for the love of God on this paper, and I’ve got two days left.
More like one and a half. I need to finish it to graduate; which is two weeks away.

Not to mention I’m working 11 shifts in a row; I work at a restaurant.  We bought new knives and I’ve already cut myself 3 times, on the same hand! :/

I’m never going to finish this paper, I’ve missed so much school and i’m beyond saving when it comes to procrastination..

I wasn’t always like this though;  I was a top of the class student. A’s and passing classes, getting ahead..Then I got in a relationship. I missed school and didn’t have time for homework, I dedicated it all to him. I know I shouldn’t of, I should have found a balance..But this kid was a wreck. We got in the habit of missing school constantly; it was so easy. Just walk out and drive. Eventually I was at the bottom, retaking classes. Now he’s gone and I’m stuck here; Trying to atone for it all. But I’m still missing school, and slacking. It’s just so easy. Yeah; Call me lazy.

Anyways, I’m obviously ready for this to be over; Lets hope I wake up with the ambition to at least open up Microsoft Word!




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10 05 2012

Sounds familiar, like my college days. It sounds like it is time to do something for you- like drink in all the knowledge and wisdom you can in the short time span you have in formal learning. Life is too precious to be pulled down by someone who didn’t want to stick with you. I know, I’ve felt some of what you are feeling…especially being one who was dumped

11 05 2012

Thank you!
and you’re right. I’m trying to get my things together..^-^ I’m just waiting for it to play out nicely.

10 05 2012

Glad you have seen the light…I wish you well! Julia

11 05 2012

Thanks! (:

10 05 2012

You are just in a state of mind at the moment. In a moment, that could change. Will you wait, or will you change it?

11 05 2012

I love your questions; ^-^
But I changed it. I began my paper, and finished it!

11 05 2012

Well done to you then! :)

11 05 2012

Piece of advise – switch hands!!!!

11 05 2012

lol; Thanks!

11 05 2012

Get to work foo.

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