I never wrote a love song to begin with;

4 05 2012

We went out walking in the moonlight one late night; out in some park/forest. There were trails leading all over, and right away I knew no one else would have me like you did. Making cheesy jokes, and stepping on each others foot we walked onto the wrong trail, incidentally, and we ended up having to run from a skunk.

You kept freaking out because you thought I was going to pass out from running. lol; When we found our way back to the right path, we were both on edge. You kept saying we should keep exploring so we did, because you didn’t want to sit alone at home..and after climbing for what seemed like hours, we reached the most beautiful place;

We sat there gazing over what seemed like an amazing city, but we both knew it was just some small town with too many lights. But it illuminated the night.

On our way back down, I said I had a rock in my shoe and I stopped to bend down and get it. But, I didn’t have a rock in my shoe, in fact, I was scheming a sneaky plan! I lied so I could pick up a huge rock! Without you knowing of course. We kept on walking and I waited for about 5 minutes until we reached a bunch of small bushes and a few patches of trees; then silently, I threw the rock ahead of us into the bushes.

Then came the, “THUMP” as it rustled in the bushes. And we both stopped. I pretended to be scared, it was pretty sick; You’ve got to admit I’m a real good actor. But I couldn’t help it, as soon as I saw you about to run back up the hill, as if a mob of lions were going to devour us; I couldn’t help but laugh. That was the only time I’ve ever been tricky enough to fool you.

Anyways, we continued back down the trail..Hand in hand; and my feet were cold, but my heart was warm.




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