I love you so much, I quit; and I quit you so well.

3 05 2012

So after failing to continue that “30 day challenge” deal; I realized, “Uhm.., you hate those things..”
It was nice while it lasted though!…I’ve been in writers block and I thought that the 30 day challenge would free me.

Honestly, I’m blocked on everything in my mind, and I can’t unblock it or find a little ambition to finish anything. I’ve got an enormous research paper to do for class, that my graduation gravely depends on, yet I keep pushing the snooze button on it as if I can afford to.
Where am I going with this? Relationships, that’s what.

“You’ve got writers block on relationships?”

Nah, but someone does.



“lol; Nawhh;”

You’re right, I’m kidding. But seriously, someone does. Or at least they did;

“I’m not catching on here..get to the fucking point, ;)”


Well..Anyways; I’m lost over the question; Can you be in love, but lose your ambition in it? Can you be in a relationship and have a “love block”, and no I’m not talking about barriers or somethings in the way. I’m talking about simply, just quitting. Like my research paper.

“Wow..really, YES. People quit relationships, it’s called heartbreak and breakups. -___-”

Ugh, No listen. Here’s the thing,..I was in a relationship, and of course I loved the boy. I spent everyday of 4 years with him, but towards the end, it was pure argument and distrust. Instead of working for it to better, I gave up half way through; I started to try again but than he quit me. He quit, but he kept saying he loved me. Is that legal?

“No, you both should be arrested”

You’re right, I should be. But I mean..I was exhausted, I couldn’t handle it..I still loved him, I just couldn’t handle it. That’s fair isn’t it? I mean, I quit the relationship, not the love.

“Jack; the love is part of the relationship”

No it’s not..I mean it is, but it’s not.

“You’re a PRICK.”

No wonder you’re single. Seriously though, growing tired of a relationship? That can’t happen, it just means you weren’t meant for it. A real relationship, you wouldn’t just quit on. At least I think..because I would’ve married Jacob in a heartbeat. Maybe I wasn’t sick of the relationship? I was just sick of the arguing..and i was tired of being exauhsted all the time.;

“Honestly, I don’t see the point in half the things you write. Because this all sounds a bit way to obvious.”

I know, I don’t either.  And yeah, it might obvious; But I’ve still got this block in my head; questions unanswered and paper to write.




9 responses

3 05 2012
Hopeful Romantic

I agree with you on awards, challenges, etc. Also, in my experience, if you have to work so hard on a relationship that it leaves you exhausted, there’s something wrong with the relationship. In other words, good relationships should make you feel high, not drained. I wish you well on that paper.

4 05 2012

I’ve got two paragraphs written of what should be 10 pages..:/

3 05 2012

You do make me smile! Of course from the confusion I read in your post you are exactly where you are supposed to be at this stage in your life – confused, frustrated, angry, apathetic, lethargic, energetic and most of all contradictory! Enjoy it while it lasts – pretty soon you’ll know exactly what you want and how to get it – that’s when the hard part begins!! :)

4 05 2012

(: Thanks! The first line of your comment made me smile. lol

I hope that “pretty soon” comes fast!

4 05 2012

I ask a lot of people this: If you got what you wanted, would you have what you want? The answer may surprise you. :)

4 05 2012

First, I love the use of the convereational tone!

Yeah, me too – really helps to bring the whole thing to life.

Secondly, don’t think of it so much of it being “quitting” as it being a “layoff” of sorts. Sometimes even two people who are very deeply in love, need a break.

So true! It happens. And, oh, by the way – no one is exempt from the blocks. Good luck!

4 05 2012

I’m in love with your blog, I think I read the conversations you have in your blogs a bit to much and it’s rubbing off on me! lol. I love it though, so no complaints ^-^

Thanks, and that could help, layoff sounds a lot better than quitting.

4 05 2012

Hahaha! Sorry to be a bad influence!

And hey, as long as there’s no “part time” work while being laid off, everything should be just fine =]

12 05 2012
Robbi Marcotrigiano

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