I’m eighteen; Spending my life in the passenger seat;

4 04 2012

I can’t stop thinking that inside something’s missing. Opportunities missed and chances blown but that’s just how it goes.

Everyone and everything, always in search for something . I’m not doing the best I can to escape this place I’m in, nor am I focused enough to make it more bearable.

I’m so used to worrying about when to bite my tongue, but as of late, I’ve nothing to say. I find myself making old songs new, and old again, and I’m the same; burned out on everything.

There’s no value, no shock factor, no hope, nothing to look forward to in my immediate memory, and worst of all.. theres no love, not here; ironic right? A romantic and no love.

There’s just another day, another few meals hardly worth digesting. I don’t pay attention to things, not the beautiful ones, and beauty doesn’t really mean anything to me anyway, because I’m not that way, and I’d rather never be.

I’m all pointless, but I’m sharp.




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4 04 2012

Take a breath! There’s no hurry. Timing is always perfect, accepting that will have a calming affect on you. Use the time to become clear. Clear about what you want. Clear about a purpose. Clear about how you will make the world a better place in some small or BIG way. Once you have a degree of clarity, everything you need to move forwards will be attracted to you. Breathe. :)

5 04 2012

Thanks; (:
yeah; you’ve got a point; I just get rushed up in those moments and I’ve got to vent.

5 04 2012

By all means vent, just don’t get caught up in believing the venting. :)

4 04 2012

You are also only eighteen. Perfect time to figure things out.

5 04 2012

yeah; that’s true; even though I feel like i’m eighty;
i forget how young I actually am; and the time left.

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