I’m running out of time; Donate some?

2 04 2012

Don’t you hate the time limit you have in certain relationships? Where you only have so little time to work with, until you get your relationship to the point you want it to be. Or until you can leave that certain affect on someone;

One of you may be moving away soon, you may reach the friend zone, or someone else may come and take your place; I’m sure there are hundreds of scenarios. Regardless the case, time won’t ever befriend me and make itself abundant.

Worst is when you know something would have happened if you had more time; Or maybe it’s just that you didn’t have the balls to do something faster? No. That’s not it..somethings do take time.

I’m in a situation where the time I have is slipping, and I find myself wondering whats left to do, what’s left to pull? I’m trying to place the idea in my head it’s not the right time for this.  Again, Time; you’re in control. Why not have a little mercy on me?

I know what! I’ll do nothing. I’ll wait it out and let it go the way it’s going. Nothing will happen now, but like those romantic movies; after ten years we’ll find each other again and fall madly in love. All I have to do it just wait, I mean; that’s what time wants right?






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