16 03 2012

Have you ever wondered how that word came about? Who decided this three letter word would have such an impact on generations to come.

Obviously there was romance in that action; who took it out?

A trip inside my mind on the subject? Yeah; I’m one of those cliche bastards that says there’s a difference between sex and love, Kinda.

My mind’s racing and I can’t even decide what I want to spit out about this subject;

I guess what I’m saying is; Sex shouldn’t involve fishnet stockings, heavy makeup, dirty talk, or even alcohol. You shouldn’t be thinking of your next move or dying to reach your moment of pleasure; Look at them, and realize that they’ll be there when you wake up. That they’ll love you for every moment. That they’re willing to spend every inch of their beating soul with you. You should feel the same; You should be dying for that heart to heart connection that you can achieve through carnal desires;

Again though; I realize what I described above most would call Love; and i agree..But this is where I throw myself off; Because I also think it should be sex.

I can’t even fully agree with what I’m saying, the whole matter just throws me off;

It’s such an intimate, personal subject; Maybe it shouldn’t be discussed allowed?




3 responses

16 03 2012

It’s both how and why we’re here. Why shouldn’t we discuss it? There is no shame, even if it is personal. Making sex secret and furtive gives it a very negative image which it doesn’t need or deserve.

19 03 2012

Good point; Somehow though, I still get that secretive vibe from the topic though. Your right though, it doesn’t deserve that image, it shouldn’t have it.

I think making it an everyday topic though made it lose some value.

19 03 2012

Yes, I see what you mean: how can we keep it normal without making it mundane or losing its mystique? Well, we managed that with child birth. It’s private and magical, without being dirty or sordid, even though it’s a direct product of sex. Go figure!

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