13 02 2012

I’m sitting here; in class wondering why I cut  my hair short. Which is ridiculous, because I know why, so why am I asking? He fell in love with me this way;

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel the need to change themselves after seeing an ex? Maybe it’s just because on the inside, we figure if we appear the same as when we started dating, we’ll get them back.

I don’t even have any solid thoughts on this; All I have are moving fingers, emotions, and a keyboard.

I’ve spent so much time on you, thinking what you had going was a better shape for the world; I’ve just now realized that you were shading me, you were preventing me from taking what I wanted from all of this. I didn’t wear what I wanted, because you claimed the style, I didn’t listen to what I wanted, because you liked it under wraps, I listened to you, and I put a damper on myself.

I quit my scene. I quit you. I do it so well.




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