Stay True.

10 02 2012

This drives me up a wall when I read the articles over the HHS bill; especially when they throw in statistics.

Really, 98% of catholic women say they’ve used contraception at one point in their life? Even though it’s clearly written in your rules? NO. Your not a catholic.

I’m not attacking religion, I, Myself, Am a Roman Catholic. And I am against the HHS bill. But reading these arguments, brings so much to my mind and I’ve got to let it out.

The problem is, so many people want to modernize religion, not just Catholicism, but every religion. The youth, politics and every average Joe, wants religion to keep up with it. That’s where they stop understanding what religion is.

Religion doesn’t change with time. As a believer in that faith, you stay true to it. As a roman catholic woman you know what your faith is. God wouldn’t change his rules to adapt to our human behavior or nature; Nor would religion.

Basically, what I want to say is: Don’t front up.

Don’t say your blue, when you’re really red. Don’t call yourself a prolife when your a choice. Don’t say yes but only with exceptions.

Stay true to your faith, your belief and your ways. Why’s that so hard? Is society to much of an influence on you, you can’t handle your own morals or values?

Nah. I have no doubt in my ability, but it’s upsetting watching others that claim to be a part of the Roman Catholic Faith doubt it.

I’m not bashing any religion; I’m bashing people.Image




One response

10 02 2012

I couldn’t agree with this more!! Not only does it happen in religion, but life itself! People say they’re something when they’re really not! And being a Christian of any religion is hard work! These people are not true Followers of their faith they’re claiming.

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