10 02 2012

I love being in love. It’s like a world full of things that are no longer simple but somehow it’s better then the life you had before; And that feeling, it won’t go.

Truth is, love is an amazing gift; (sounding like a hippy, but bear me) But honestly; It’s a phenomenon that has the world in a craze; What is love? Is it trying to quit smoking for your significant other? Is it driving half way across the country on just a few words? Does it have to do with appearance?

No to the first question; You should never ask your significant other to quit something for you, don’t let them quit for you; They’ve got to quit for themselves. Yes to the second, committing these acts shows that the world around you doesn’t matter, just him/her. And of course, regardless of what anyone says it does have to do with appearance, because intimacy is a big part of it.

Truth is; there are somethings that have to be said, because honestly, I’m hatting this lack of romance in the world. Stop thinking it’s only in movies where the guy runs after you at the airport, or that the girl runs out the building to catch him after she said the wrong thing. Stop thinking it’s only in movies that friends fall in love but can’t tell each other, and he finally tries by writing her a story showing them together on the last page. This world doesn’t exist only on the screen; It’s ours.

Because I swear, if your saying you love someone, you’d do anything to find them. Anything to remind them of who they are. Anything to make them feel loved.

Buy her roses, make him a scrapbook, individually pick petals off her roses and put them in the bath water for her, take him back to the place you first said I love you and slow dance there; write her a song, a poem, a story anything!, Plan a week where you both watch movies that you’ve always wanted to watch, when he cries hold him stronger and never let him go, Listen. And listen carefully…when she’s insecure tell her she’s ridiculous that you can’t compare to her, buy his favorite candy. Make fun of each other in any way possible and then call them cute for the same reason. Yell, and I mean yell back when they’re messing up, but yell softly because they’re hurt too. Stand by him and defend her.

Cuddle, just lay with him..or..Just hold her,..Just lay there, admiring every inch of their soft skin, and trace the outline of his face; his heartbeat syncs with yours and you just lay there, perfect.

Females, honor him, complete him, and trust him; Males, protect her and lay your life down for her;

The truth is, I miss you; where have you gone?..




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