Just a short little throw down;

8 02 2012

Guys always pay? Of course, No exception. Whether it’s your first date or your 50th date, he should always pay.

“No, no, no! I want to be able to treat my guy”

You can, see this is the way it is. He pays and takes you out; and as the girl; you do sweet things.

Kiss his hand while driving, massage him, make him cute gifts, buy him clothes, make him lunch or dinner, buy his favorite drink, do the things he wants to do. That’s the equilibrium.

Men lay down their life for you, and females take care of it, and you honor him. Of course if he’s some doucebag from the corner you don’t do anything in return. Same for guys, don’t continue spoiling her if she’s not willing to give back. You’d think this would be a give away, but there’s always that someone who will continue to give, even if they get nothing in return..




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