I had a dream…

7 02 2012

Not a dream of what’s to come with age, or a dream you wake up to find something missing. Some kind of dream where my life was forgiven, where he wasn’t such a bitter, fucking douchebag;

But I can’t change it, no matter how many thoughts in my head I’ve got telling me to sharpen up.

I had a dream I missed someone, that I don’t even know. and I’ve had dreams of people I’ve lost. i’m not the safehouse you think i am, because i’m emotionally self-destructive. i’m not the two-by’s everyone depends on, i’m fragile, and weak, and a hoax on you all.

I had a dream I was who I wanted to be, had a dream where things didn’t fall apart;

Feels like the stars above me are getting high, feels like there’s less light where I am now, then it’s ever been, and i don’t even want to fight, i’m just tired of getting beat.




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