What’s one thing you regret?

5 02 2012

I believe that should be the infamous question; not the whole “Who came first, the chicken of the egg?”

Regrets are something everyone can relate to, live with and admit to having. You’ll always meet that person who thinks they’re a real champ and they’ll claim they have no regrets; but we all know that’s not true.

It’s amazing because regret is stupid, we all know it’s impossible to go back and fix it; but regret keeps us from many things, and stops us from moving on at times;

The thought of all the stupid things I’ve done, makes me want to turn and run instead of step forward; What’s the one thing I regret? Every bridge I’ve burned. Not talking to those people anymore, even though some I’ve dropped for the better, but most I shouldn’t have spun away from.

What the hell can we do with our regrets? As cliche as it sounds, all we can really do is just learn from them. That’s it. We can’t fix them, we can’t “unregret” them, we can just learn and move on. Not forget, just move on.

I’m sure Regret has a real purpose for being in our lives; As for that purpose? I don’t know…Maybe Regret will let us know some day.




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