I’ll wait.

3 02 2012

I can’t help but think about him every day; Yeah, here we go another heartbroken romantic. But I swear my story’s different.

He’s my baby lion; and I watched him go down the wrong path, as I sat there hopeless; Yeah some say I shouldn’t carry the blame, but as a lover I know I do.

I never wanted him to go, I never wanted to leave when I left. I was terrified, Everything was so perfect, and the thought of him leaving me later down the line just took my breath, but somehow we made it past our first big blow. We held each other up high, and eventually he gave me a ring.

This is how I know my stories different, the ring was perfect. And he didn’t have it customized or anything, he had owned the ring for a good 5 years before me. And that ring said everything about me, it even had 3 X’s for my straight edge; That was our promise.

Sadly, I lost the ring almost immediately..It was to big for my finger and it fell, I went up to him in tears; and he gently brushed them away and called me silly for getting so hysterical over that. I was crying, saying “Your gonna hate me D:” I can see why he said that; Hah.

I think about every sweet thing he did, and I can’t help but remember how perfect each movement was with us, how each tender kiss was perfect on timing. I can’t believe I let him walk out…but I could barley hold myself together, how was I suppose to hold him?

I’d give an eternity and more if I could go back 2 years, I’d fix it all and make sure I was strong enough for that blow we endured, I’d make sure I wouldn’t bend or break…I’d make sure he’d still love me.

He’d still be singing to me, cuddling me, and making cute lion noises as we hide under his covers; We’d be arguing about our gaming tactics and making fun of each other of how into the game we got; He’d be trying to feed me snickers and kit-kats and I’d be giving him caprisuns since he finished them in 7.8 seconds; I’d be holding onto his hand, walking everywhere, proud with my head up because my gorgeous boyfriend was in front, tall and ready to defend me at any second as I was..

We wouldn’t be living alone..; I guess the day I find that ring, I’ll bring it back to him, maybe than my sweet lovely boy will come back, and he’ll break through the coward thats there..And than, I’ll have a new ring, a permanent ring;

Which I’ll never lose, because it will be my size.




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