The world turns but we don’t feel it.

1 02 2012

During the lowest point of our lives, we think of how things would be different if we tried. But right now, I just need to see him, honestly i’m dead without him. And again my heart has dropped to my feet; When I realized that I’m not what people think I should be..

I’m not what you think I am. I’ll never be what you want me to be & again I can hardly breathe;

Can’t you see? I’ve only got myself to blame for this defeat. I Can’t Compete.”Tomorrow will be different, from now on i’ll take those risks.” I say it over in my head, with a heart full of hope and two clenched fists “This time I’ll try not to fuck it up”

But who am I kidding? I’ve always lived this way. The air is getting colder and this town isn’t helping.It is such a waste when another day, is another problem faced.

Right now, I’ve got a song in my head, A pen in my hand, I’m going to let it all out & still they won’t understand.




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