Cafe Winks;

27 01 2012

I’m pretty sure we’ve all been in those circumstances, you go to a place and your eyes connect with the opposite sex. Smiles are exchanged and possibly a wink here and there; but still no words are said this entire time that your both in each others existence.

I’m at a cafe, and this handsome man in front of me is buying a “Grande Caramel Mocha”; he’s tall with shabby hair, shorter than his ears but long enough to caress. He seems Italian from the language he seems to be mumbling as he stares at me ordering my drink. Vanilla chai.

He took a seat across from me, so we were still in vision and out of shyness I look away and blush, What to do? Say the first word? No, of course not.

Like those romantic cliche movies he’s suppose to say something, something clumsy or breath taking, Right?

But, he said nothing. And I stayed there, in my seat, smiling and waiting;

He packed up his iPad and books, and walked out the door, grande caramel mocha in hand.





2 responses

27 01 2012

“Hello” works for me!
Good post.

4 04 2012
Hopeful Romantic

Romance shudders at missed opportunities.

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