Shadows on my brow;

31 01 2012

Crazy nights we go through; almost like movie scenes. They make you realize who’s really there for you; and who won’t be there. I thank God for him, I wouldn’t be writing if he wouldn’t of showed up last night.

Anyways, away from the events that brought me to this topic, lets start the blog!

We’ve all made ourselves a ghost to a few undeserving people at one point in our life, but our wrong doings is just how we are; I’ve made bad choices but I’ve never done so with malicious intent. Our wrong doings, is just us being reckless, even though I’m sure some of us have straight up wrecked things knowingly, but I mean who hasn’t?

I’m not all wisdom and game, but after last night I’ve got a few different outlooks;

-Spending your time avoiding others toes will get you no where; being quite and subtle about things with your friends won’t help anything, take charge here and there; If they’re alcoholics let them know, don’t beat the bush.

-Your #1 speed dial isn’t always the person who’s going to save your life. Maybe they’re not on your speed dial at all, but you call them when you can’ t breathe.

-And finally, I don’t know who else can relate to this but; I’ll die with not having seen enough; I’ll die with every bridge burned and what ever thought I stumble on when I’m choking air will matter; I’ll vanish into the same air that ended me.



I know I jumped around and much didn’t make sense, but that’s my mind right now; pulsing through thoughts and ideas.


Waiting. Thinking.

30 01 2012

There’s wind out here, and it’s been throwing things my way, nothing to set me ahead, though. Nothing, even a day.
Shrugging it off, for what nothing’s worth. I’ll see myself again all too soon, to another place, another room.I’ve filled my head with the dust of so much, in a line. Maybe I’ll find the smile in me, not only having someone pull it from me? I found some clear water.. i think it’ll be easy. once;

Moving On;

30 01 2012


Dating after a break up, in my opinion is the most awkward thing ever.

Your dating to move on from your ex-significant other and this person is dating you to date you.

Two different ideas and one purpose, to move on together.

There’s always those moments when this new dater reminds you of him/her.

What do you do? Tell them what reminds you of them? No. Of course not. You start looking for the differences, and cherish them. Don’t worry if you automatically can’t forget your ex; No one was meant to forget so easily.

Try something new with this person, give in to their conversations and sweet temptations;

Cafe Winks;

27 01 2012

I’m pretty sure we’ve all been in those circumstances, you go to a place and your eyes connect with the opposite sex. Smiles are exchanged and possibly a wink here and there; but still no words are said this entire time that your both in each others existence.

I’m at a cafe, and this handsome man in front of me is buying a “Grande Caramel Mocha”; he’s tall with shabby hair, shorter than his ears but long enough to caress. He seems Italian from the language he seems to be mumbling as he stares at me ordering my drink. Vanilla chai.

He took a seat across from me, so we were still in vision and out of shyness I look away and blush, What to do? Say the first word? No, of course not.

Like those romantic cliche movies he’s suppose to say something, something clumsy or breath taking, Right?

But, he said nothing. And I stayed there, in my seat, smiling and waiting;

He packed up his iPad and books, and walked out the door, grande caramel mocha in hand.


Handle Me;

25 01 2012

Starting this blog with the mindset that I’ll be able to handle myself. I’ll mostly write about love, how cliche right? But thats what I am, a helpless romantic; on the verge of an outbreak, I’m drowning in emotions that I can’t feel, and it turns out I can my cure? An anonymous blog;